A note to the graduating senior class: uncertainty will not define you

Closing Remarks from the Director of the Ethics Institute at Kent Place School

By Dr. Karen Rezach, Director of the Ethics Institute at Kent Place School

We hear so often that this is a time of uncertainty – and it is! But you will not be defined by the uncertainty of the time. We will send you off this 25th day of July on a note of certainty. The certainty of YOU!

What have these months of uncertainty taught us…and taught us about you?

  • For certain, we know that you are resilient enough to navigate disappointment.
  • For certain, we know that you are confident enough to survive discomfort.
  • For certain, we know that each of you is ready. Each of you is primed. 

You are educated. You are smart. 

You are ethical. 

You are leaders, each in your own right.

So… as you leave to embark on the next chapter of your life, leave certain…CERTAIN that each of you is a unique individual with a purpose that only you can fulfill.

So don’t waste your time looking around at what others are doing…BE your authentic self – You possess within yourself all of the talent and skill needed to fulfill YOUR purpose – not someone else’s – so spend your time nurturing your dreams, exploring your passions, and confidently moving forward. 

Be certain that nothing can overwhelm you or overcome you when you believe in yourself, surround yourself in love, have empathy for all those around you – even “the other” you don’t know. 

ALWAYS live in hope – not the kind of hope that is wishful thinking, but the kind of hope that exudes confidence and certainty. The kind of hope that rejoices not only in the joy that each moment can bring for you, but also, the self- confidence that allows you to rejoice in the success of others. 

Most important – Follow the advice of your heart and you will always be happy. Rejoice in the support and the love that surrounds you this moment, and take it with you.

Celebrate your accomplishment this day – not only the accomplishment of graduating from Kent Place School, but the accomplishment that you went out of here certain in this time of uncertainty – certain of all that you have contributed, all you have learned, and all that you are! 

God bless you with certainty in all the potential that each of you holds in your unique self…God bless you with unending hope and joy,  now and always. And…oh…one more thing – 

No matter where life takes you, this year, next year, 20 – 30 – 50 years from now – whether the classroom, the boardroom, or even the Oval Office… remember…

Be ethical everywhere!