Ethics and Sports – Reflections from the KPS Director of Athletics

By Vicky Browne, Director of Athletics

Vicky Browne is the new Director of Athletics at Kent Place. She shared some of her thoughts with us on the intersection of ethics and sports. You can find her full bio and more information about athletics at Kent Place here.

How do you see ethics playing a role in your job as the Director of Athletics?

Daily! Is the long and short of it! Every two weeks, I meet with the Varsity and JV captains to discuss all things team-related. We also discuss the captain’s role and the nominated position’s impact and influence; ethics is always a standing item. 

What would you say is your most important value when it comes to sports?

Role modeling and showing a true sense of sportsmanship are essential qualities in all sports. In every sense of the word, these qualities can become lost in translation, especially in competitive high-stakes games. The journey of individual and team progression, the appreciation of hard work, and the development of raw talent should be at the forefront of athletics.

What do you think is one of the most pressing ethical issues in sports right now?

In the 2022 tournament in Qatar, the viewership is predicted to be five billion across the world, making that an average of 227.27 million per day. Sport has taken center stage in everyone’s living room. The true essence of sport revolves around the unpredictability of outcomes; how these are actioned and perceived always creates ethical dilemmas. In many aspects, soccer players are defined as gladiators in battle – win at all costs. This world cup will be talked about for years to come, from a political standpoint and from the in-the-moment reactions of players. The narrative is still being written.